J's Small Batch Hot Sauce

Fer-mented Bomb........

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The only @#%$! you can drop at a table and not get smacked by yo mama!.  Our Estate Test Batch series and first Fermented line of sauces is over, and we found a winner.  We are going to make a limited 30 gallon relaese of this sauce in early 2019, but a few lucky people will get it to try ahead of the croud.  Hands down the Hottest thing we have ever made period!!!!!! All Estate grown organic pods grown by J, at our urban plot. 100% all J from start to finish.  

Pepper line up: Carolina Reaper from our 3 year old reaper tree, Chock 9 pot, Chock Ghost, Chock Habanero, Chock big mamma, Borg 9, Thai Black Cobra, Arbol, Guaillo, Orange Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Red Big Mamma, Jalapano, and some crazy misto pepper J's calling "F U man chew". haha, better set that alarm again kids, its that time of the year. First 10 people to spend $50 starting Monday morning, 10-29-18 at 12:01 A.M. Get's one of the sample bottles to do with what they please.  Hands down the best pizza sauce we have ever had,... if you can handle it.  


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