J's Small Batch Hot Sauce and Tinctures

Hand made from pepper to package with no preservatives.

The Rabbit Hole

J's is a progressive sauce line with our White Label trio of  Taco, OG, and Fire Truck leading you to the foot of the Rabbits front door.  Once you've been escorted in with Taco, you're welcomed with a VERY mild tang of the sauce. We wanted to start with just a slight bump in the heat to let you know you're having a hot sauce. Then that Rabbit just took off running,... leaving you all alone standing in the dark hallway, with your mouth watering, and your common sense saying turn around and head back the way you came.  (Mama..!)

You listen to your mouth instead and with no light, begin fumbling around in the dark until, you slip, fall down his hot sauce hole and now he's got you. Well, you get the point.

We have made these sauces in a heat and flavor progression to step you up to our Special Release lines. Now it's time to lace up your big boy/girl boots and jump on in! Our special release sauces have black labels and range in heat up to a 9 on the 10 scale. We also try to have a bridge sauce in the 5 to 6 scale to keep to progression going from the starting line up. 

Our thought was to have a sauce for whatever stage of the game your at.  Please enjoy hot sauce responsibly.  J's is not responsible for any addiction that may come from eating our product, and or chasing that Damn Rabbit.


Featured Recipe, " The MDT " see tab above and learn how to make it.  The first cocktail to feature " The Original Gangster " J's first sauce.