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2 oz Rock Hill Red made with 100% Carolina Reaper

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2018 Special Release "Rock Hill Red" J's Hottest Sauce EVER!!!!!

Rock Hill Red pays homage to the birthplace of the Carolina Reaper, Rock Hill South Carolina.  We really wanted to let the flavor of this amazing pepper do the talking while keeping it true to a southern style hot sauce. This season's reapers are packed with Big Bing Cherry notes that really shine thru.  R.H.R is a true Carolina Reaper sauce as its the only pepper we use. We complement with Aged Balsamic and Distilled White Vinegar to add a punch of texture. This is a sauce for people who want to add big flavor and heat at the same time. This organic sauce will set the bar for Carolina Reaper lovers with no added sugar and only 2% sodium.   Step up your game and hold on tight for this one as it's 4 OZ's of real liquid courage. Great with pork!! 

Amazing with: pork, eggs, PIZZA, HONEY, Ice cream, chicken, Fish, Red Sauce, Bloody Mary, Cesear salad (Yep!) mash potatoes, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, mustard  

Spice level  of 9 out of 10.  (Xtra, Xtra, Xtra Hot)  

 ****Please use with caution.***  Wash any skin contact with cold water and soap.  Keep away from pets and small children.  We do not recommend this product for non-chiliheads.  Please do not give this to any persons not knowing the amount of heat in this product.  

J's dose is not responsible for any results of consuming this hot sauce, seriously. 

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