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J's is very passionate about giving back to our Fire Fighting and first responders community.  For every case of Fire Truck you help us sell we give a bottle to a firehouse as our way of saying thank you for the bravery and selflessness needed to do this incredible service for us all. But,..! They can be hard to mail things to and even harder to walk up to and knock on a door and hand one off. This is where YOU come in.  We want to hear from you as to where we should send a bottle, OR we are now letting you send one as a thank you personally.  THIS IS A DONATION ONLY SITUATION. We will send you the confirmation and tracking number should you chose to donate a bottle.  If not we want to hear from you!  please leave a station in the review section below with a contact and firehouse address. This is also a forum to let people know why this station or person is about to get sauced. Click the "Write a review" tab below and we got it from there.  Thank you, from J's


*** If donating we will reimburse you the cost of the sauce and you pay the shipping. Please make all Fire House Donations separate transactions as we will not ship with comingled orders. Also please have a crew members name so we can have an "Attention" to: line on the package or it will be returned to sender ***  Thank you 

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