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Collectors Release of " The Counselor " A sauce for a guy with issues *

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We went a totally different direction with " The Counselor ". This bright tangy South East Asian inspired sauce with its bright tropical notes of the grilled pineapple, curry, and coconut vinegar bring together the Scotch Bonnet and Ghost Pepper in what we're going to call a truly one of a kind sauce.  Growing up in Washington DC,  the Scotch bonnet was in all of the Trinidadian and Jamaican food I grew up eating. So, keeping it close to my roots, but also close to home (LA) we wanted to round out the scotch with the bright fruitiness of the Bhut Jolokia pepper. Backing up the mouthfeel with some lingering heat and oh, let's not forget the horseradish we pickled in Champagne vinegar to bring in a slight tingle amongst the before mentioned mingle. Only 350 of this " Johnny Scoville " special release which will come in a one of a kind *art box made by J, and signed by both J's. 

Spice level: Johnny Scoville called this a 6 (for most people)   



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