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La Familia

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Get it while they last only only 10 available and the best holiday gift ever!


1 OG, 1 Taco, 1 Fire Truck, 1 #4 Urban Estate, 1 Counselor, 1 Exocist, 1 5th Henchmen, 1 Rock Hill Red, and 1 of all 3 ( *only 2 in photo ) of our Super Hot Tintures, And 1 of the 10 remaining all estate grown by J, "F-Bomb" super fermented sauce.  This is just a stupid sill deal and J waited all year to let some of his remaining Johnny Scolville "The Counselor" go, so better act fast

This will be the ABSOLUTE last chance to get the Counselor as these are from my personal stash, plus the ONLY F-Bombs made period! You had better get them before someone else does. HoHoHo 

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