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" The 5th Henchman " 2018 special release.

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" The 5th Henchman " 

Another in our line of lightly kissed by fruit 2018 special releases. Yellow Scorpion is hosting this spicy 4 oz party and invited a few friends.  We really wanted to drive home the vanilla caramel notes of this amazing peppers this season by complementing them with smoked organic Texas sweet onions and dried organic mango.  We helped out by using 90% white wine Vinegar and a healthy amount of peppercorns for another punch in the neck after the Scorpion and Reapers are done with you. To really give 5H some kick we added Columbian coffee we toasted and powdered to really make you face think about what just happened in your mouth. This sauce proudly wears the black label and comes in at a SOLID 8 of 10 on the heat scale.    

Amazing with: pork, eggs, PIZZA, HONEY, Ice cream, chicken, Fish, Red Sauce, Bloody Mary, Cesear salad (Yep!) mash potatoes, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, mustard, rice, ramen, popcorn, EGG ROLLS!!!    


Spice level 8 of 10.  (Xtra, Xtra, Hot)  

****Please use with caution.***  Wash any skin contact with cold water and soap.  Keep away from pets and small children.  We do not recommend this product for non-chiliheads.  Please do not give this to any persons not knowing the amount of heat in this product.  

J's is not responsible for any result of consuming this hot sauce, seriously. 




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