Super Hot Combo Pack

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**** We are adding Exorcist to our perminate line up (no longer a "Special Relaese" item) and are currently out of stock until middle of March.  So, we will add an extra Fire Truck and replace the Exorcist with a Rock Hill Red.****
"Fire Truck"
Our spiciest and not for the faint of heart hot sauce (that's available all year) will make want to want to keep coming back for another bite even though it burns so good! This is J's favorite kid, and it shows. The applewood smoked salt we use (smoked salts back to the site very soon) really gives the beauty of the habanero just a little something else to love. Amazing on fish, any seafood really!, eggs, chicken, we love it on mash potatoes, mac n cheese, I mean stop me because it makes everything better. THE BEST HABANERO HOT SAUCE PERIOD!
-Spice level 4 of 5 (Hot)
*Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Organic Ingredients
"The Exorcist" *** out of stock, please read top of page***
Our 100% Ghost Pepper sauce the Chilihead in you is craving.  Organic carrots and Fuji apple complement this amazing pepper to really turn up the flavor in this limited release sauce.  All natural, no preservatives and only 2% sodium per bottle.  Makes a great gift for the heat lover in your family or friends. Get them while they last, all hand made by J's, singed and come in recycled gift box.
-Spice level 5 of 5 (super hot) *please be very careful of exposed skin contact other than your mouth, not kidding.* 
*Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Organic Ingredients
"2017 Special Release Chocolate #4"

Reaper, Reaper, Reaper........ yep!  Carolina Reaper/Chocolate habanero happiness. This special blend of 4 total peppers and 6 vinegar make this years micro run of #4 so special and amazing. This is not a sauce for the squeamish, and will let you know why the Reaper is the worlds hottest pepper and the Chocolate Habanero so amazingly sweet and flavorful.  For those bold enough, the flavor is so good that you will just have to take it on the chin and keep going back for more.                                                                                                         -Spice level 6 of 5 (super hot) *please be very careful of exposed skin contact other than your mouth, not kidding.*.                   *Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Organic Ingredients