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4 oz The Exorcist

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Our 100% Ghost Pepper sauce the Chili-head in you is craving.  Organic carrots and Fuji apple complement this amazing pepper to really turn up the flavor.  We’ve harnessed the full power of the Ghost pepper to truly make this one of the hottest non extract products on the market. All natural, no preservatives, low sodium, and the BEST WING SAUCE EVER! (if you can take the punch in the neck from the peppers) Big smoke on the nose with a savory, tangy finish. The Exorcist will sweat it out of you.

Great with wings, chicken, beef, HONEY!, Bloody Mary, eggs, BBQ sauce, Wet rub, and Perfect with any cocktail you want to spice up.    

Spice Level 8 of 10 (Xtra Xtra Hot)    

*Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Organic Ingredients   

 ****Please use with caution.***  Wash any skin contact with cold water and soap.  Keep away from pets and small children.  We do not recommend this product for non chili-heads.  Please do not give this to any persons not knowing the amount of heat in this product.  

J's dose is not responsible for any results of consuming this hot sauce, seriously. 


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